Taskk is Now Free!

It's been a while since our last update. Taskk is something we've been building for over a year now. A lot of people use it as a part of their daily lives and we've absolutely had a blast building it.

We're really happy with what we've accomplished so far and have some news that we expect will be really exciting to our users.

We're going to be making Taskk completely free!


The context aware Brain

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine about Taskk. We discussed how we both use Taskk for very different things. The conversation soon turned into, "Wouldn't it be cool if Taskk did _____?" Some interesting ideas were thrown around and I thought I'd share and get feedback.

Ok, so picture this, it's the weekend and a beautiful day out. I've got some time to accomplish something.

"Hey Taskk, it's gonna be a nice day out…what should I do?" Taskk says: "It is a great day, you should mow the lawn or fly a kite."


Your Calendar Hates You

Alt text

The corporate calendar doesn't care about you. Face it. No, really... look at it. If it looks like the one most people who work at corporate America have, it is stacked up with meetings, trainings, birthday lunches, and happy hours for people you hardly know. How can your calendar let this happen?


Taskk V2 Teaser


Myself and the awesome team at Taskk.it have been hard at work building the next version of Taskk. V2 will be a huge leap forward in terms of user experience and daily workflow. We're not quite ready yet, but here's a little teaser for you in the meantime.


Hello QuickTaskk - The Taskk Chrome Extension

Early this morning we (Mike) published v1 of the Taskk Chrome Extension (QuickTaskk). Nice work Mike! I'm continually amazed at how Mike (and every member of the Taskk team) find the time to keep producing such awesome stuff while also kicking butt at their full time jobs. So here is a little bit about the extension and it's significance.


What I'm loving about Taskk integration with Github

Github integration with Taskk feels awesome, even this very early stage. Specifically what I'm really enjoying so far is the efficiency we are gaining by increasing the signal to noise ratio. Here's what I mean.

More Signal

With a repo like ours which has a lot of Issues (Issues is what Github calls tasks or todos) you can sometimes wonder if the stuff you are throwing in is actually being seen. Github has notifications for just about everything (which is awesome) which means it can get pretty loud at times.

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Sneak Peek of the new Taskk UI

Part of our goals for 2013 include launching a new web UI. Here is a sneak peek of some of what Jason has been working on.


At Taskk we are already making good use of GitHub tasks

Since the beginning of Taskk, Mikael and I have been throwing this video back and forth at each other. Whenever one of us would talk too much about something that wasn't working correctly...this 14 seconds of a punch-in-the-face was sure to follow.


Taskk meet Github. Github meet Taskk.

As a first of many integrations to come, we recently connected Taskk with Github and it couldn't be more perfect!

We describe Taskk as: task management with a brain and task management that tells you what to do next. We say those things out of the pain we (and lots of others) feel from todo lists that are too long and spread out.


The Taskk API - v1

Some 6 months ago Mike Coutermarsh joined the Taskk team. He has had an enormous impact on the both the product - and the direction of it, from the moment he started. Before Mike, we [Mikael and I] talked often about opening up the Planner (internally known as 'The Brain') to the world to develop on. Well in the last 3 months, Mike has spent his nights and weekends making that a reality.


How Taskk Works for College Students

The common adage told to new college students is, "you have your studies, a social life, and sleep - pick two." If you're like me though, you want to do it all. Thankfully, with proper planning you can. Over the next few posts, I will highlight key features of Taskk that will help enable us to not have to compromise what we want out of our university experience.


What's next for Taskk.it?

The last 7 months have been awesome and we are so very excited about our little Taskk. We poured hours and hours into our first version to see if what we were building was wanted by others. Turned out that it was, and to our surprise it was wanted by many. But what's next?


Taskk Stats - What's the average length of a task?

At Taskk we try to base all of our decisions on user data. Here's something fun that I just dug up.


How Taskk is what Ev Williams wants in task management software

Recently I stumbled onto a post by Ev Williams on Medium. I'm a fan of Medium so I browse by there often. I don't know how I missed this post but my jaw dropped as I read it. It was In a collection called Products I wish existed Ev goes on to describe the task management app that he is looking for and each point he made resonated as it was a core reason I wanted to build Taskk. Here is what he says and what we do.


A first version of task specific deadlines

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
- Douglas Adams


Where did the support link go?

The icon you are looking for is:

image showing the icon


Deploying Taskk

We believe in releasing often and while we don't release as often as Github we often release 5-10 times a day. We are so trusting the code that I've been releasing bug fixes and features 2 times today while traveling. First on the airport in Malmö where we squished some bugs and then while on my mobile 3G connection going full speed on a train back to Växjö.

It feels amazing to be completely fearless of deploying in such a circumstance.


Beta Testers: You survived the bugs, here's your discount!

Just a quick post to tell Beta users how to get a discount on Taskk going forward. You should all be getting an email soon with this same information but I wanted to get this out early.

As mentioned in the previous post, we are so thankful your help. To show our appreciation we are you 50% off for the coming 6 months if you upgrade by October 31st, 2012.


Adding Taskks by Email - Tips & Tricks

As of a couple of days ago you can now create taskks by email. Mikael worked really hard on this and we are all really excited about it. Ok so here is how it works.

First, navigate to Admin > Account and scroll down to see the email options. Add as many email addresses as you like and associate them with whatever list you like (This tells Taskk where to put your items when they come in). I personally created a list called Inbox and moved it to the top of my lists. This way all my emails end up here and they get scheduled into my planner every night. I don't have to do a thing.


Support Channel Change

We recently decided to get rid of the Tender Support app that we were using to help us with beta tester feedback. We've been using Intercom and it's much better for communicating with users in our opinion. In addition users don't need a second sign on to communicate with us. Just click the support link the the help menu at the top if you have any comments or concerns.


Next steps for Taskk - Cost & End of Beta

As of today we've come to a very important step in the growing up of our little Taskk. We've deployed an update that will allow Taskk to start making some money (hopefully). Here is how it will work.


Taskk attachments are now live!

We just rolled out an awesome new enhancement to taskk. You can now attach files to your tasks.

Go to one of your tasks to try it out!
If you run into any issues, give us a shout.


What's taking so long?

We are truly sorry about dragging things out for so long but with all the awesome feedback our current beta users have been providing we realized that we have things to take care of before letting more people into the system.

While feedback is awesome much of it eventually kept getting repeated so we decided to implement most of the repeatedly requested features before letting more people in that isn't invited by someone already in the system.


How to select dates in Taskk

You can use keyboard shortcuts to drive the datepicker. The keys below are for Windows users but if you are are the proud owner of a spanking new Macbook you should be fine with replacing ctrl with cmd/⌘


Filtering the Planner by List

Mikael implemented a quick little feature in the planner that I find really really useful. Now you can sort your planner by list. Just use the dropdown menue next to the update button on the right.

Alt text